Thursday, January 12, 2012

Collage Everday day 12

Yikes!Where did the time go? It most definitely slipped away from me, but I have been keeping up on my collage everyday challenge as well as taking photos everyday! So let's get right to it here are my collage pages day 3 to 12!

Yes there are a few older ones in there but I still like them so I figures they are worth posting! I am enjoying the challenge, I am using supplies I normally wouldn't and supplies I haven't used in years so it makes me happy!

I have one new journal page to show you, hopefully I will have one more done tomorrow as well, I miss art journaling, over the holidays, I really took a break from it and getting started again it hasn't been easy but at the same time it is like falling in love all over again!
I like this page , the colors and just being able to express how I am feeling makes me happy and isn't that what making art is all about?

Here are a few snapshots from the past few days....
 Our guest last weekend <3 his name is Stitch

 Mine and Samie Kira's mess on Saturday!

 My adorable niece Bella and I

More light play!

Alright friends I will be back on Saturday with more art to share with you! Also go check out Samie Kira's post about our New Years sleep over here ! Have a great day!

Monday, January 2, 2012

30 days of Collage Day 2

Hi friends I hope you are having a great Monday! I am back for collage every day with some fun things to share with you! Firstly I want to talk collage papers and images, using them both in your art journal and in your collage projects are tons of fun, but today I want to talk digital collage papers and images! Using images and back ground papers from the computer is nothing new, do remember having software that printed images to make greeting cards? I even had a Winnie the Pooh set! Well now with Photoshop and image manipulation and digital scrapbooking the possibilities are endless! One of my favorite artists Traci Bautista shares free digital collage pages from time to time as well as collage packs on her Etsy site! Gulfsprite has a good collection of digital collage sheets and sets to purchase! You can also find tons of free images as well as free digital scrapbooking kits all over the net. I decided to make my own digital collage sheet to share with you, it's my first one so I hope you all enjoy!

 I will be trying it out myself and I will let you know how it goes! Here is my collage for the day!
I don't like it at all but ya live you learn and now were moving on! Here are a few art journal pages!

Well I will be back tomorrow, have a great night!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Hello and Happy New Year's!

Hello friends! I hope everyone had an amazing Holiday season, I know I did! So I apologize for abandoning you all in November or was that October? Well I am back with lots of fun things in store for us from $5 and $10 dollar mini classes to challenges and give aways! We are starting off January with a collage every day challenge and will be doing give aways as well as an awesome prize pack at the end of the month for those of you who participate with me! Another adventure I am starting is opening up my first Etsy store (which I am so so excited for!) I will be selling things from digi stamps to journal collage kits to jewelry and hair accessories! I am so excited for the New Year; it brings so many possibilities and opportunities! 

Well let's get started with our collage everyday challenge! Here is my first page!

I love the girl and the owls oh and the transparency! I will be back tomorrow with another page! I have a few journal pages to share with you as well, I finished one today and I am super happy with how it turned out!

The top page is the one I finished today I love all of the color! The last one is made using Samantha Kira's new stamps! I have decided that this year I want to take more photos and just capture more of the amazing moments that go on around me. So for 2012 I am going to try to take at least one picture a day for a year! Sounds fun right? I am doing good so far, here are the pictures from today January first.

The nighttime pictures are from last night at midnight, sparklers are lots of fun (but be careful!) The top is me and Samie Kira this morning after our New Year's slumber party, we tried some new techniques from Traci Bautista's new Strathmore 2012 online workshop, we watched the videos and were instantly inspired! Neither of us is finished with our pages so I will post back when it is all done! Well have a great Sunday night and I will see you tomorrow!