Sunday, July 19, 2015

This and that

Hi friends! I am taking some time out today to share a few random projects and some journal pages with you! I have to be honest my journal has been a bit neglected but I have gotten back into the swing of things and am feeling super inspired!

I have also been making fun Pocket Letters! I love swapping these you never know what you might receive! The top one was for a Heidi Swapp exchange and the other (which I adore) is for a Marilyn Monroe swap@ So much fun!

For my birthday this year I got Flora Bowley's Intuitive Painting class and let me say I have loved it and am so happy with my first big painting that is finished! So many layers and patterns and randomness that I just love! I HIGHLY suggest her class so if you are considering it just GO for it!
Well that is all for me today, I will have more to share soon! Have a great day!


  1. Loved the randomness. I am particularly smitten with the art journal pages. The colors and composition speak to me. Cheerful. Your big painting is great too. I am not brave enough to try a canvas. I have no less than 5 purchased, but I'm too afraid to touch them. Perhaps that will be one of my next big adventures. Anyway, I do love the layers you have going on in yours.

  2. hiya! I tried emailing you many times but maybe they are not getting through? how can I get in touch with you?