Monday, March 28, 2011


Hi there and welcome to my blog and my first blog post! A little info about me, I am 30 years old, I live in Arizona and I am married to an amazing woman and we have four dogs. Besides art journaling I love to scrapbook, card making, reading, writing, mixed media and slowly but surely learning to sew. Here are some of my newest journal pages as well as my first handmade book!

The page above reads just let go, sometimes the fear of the unknown or the fear of failure stop me from being who I really want to be. It keeps me from getting myself out there from showing who I am and what I do. But its time to let go of the negative thoughts, the you can't do it's and the your not good enoughs. Time to let go time to be free. What I used Gesso, watercolors, pastels and sharpie.

This page reads happiness is, being married to my amazing wife, my four dogs, paint gesso and markers, books, star gazer lilies, new shows, feeling pretty, my adorable niece, fruity margaritas, smoothies, pretty paper, music, glitter, the beach, doodles, accepting yourself. What I used gesso, watercolors, water color crayons, paper, sharpie, gems, iridescent medium, glitter glue my i rock .

My first ever hand made journal! I love it! Made from paper, cardboard, watercolors, buttons, pearls and a  pretty sticker. I had to sew the pages together which was crazy complicated!

This journal page reads This is scary, When I was twelve I had a brain tumor caused me to have headaches, everyday. Well I am having headaches again, bad ones on the left side of my head the same place that my tumor was. I went to the doctor and it's a waiting game now...But what if? What if I lose everything? What if this is a brain tumor??? Oh what if? The supplies used were spray ink , watercolors, stamps, markers, sharpie, pastels and iridescent medium. Want to learn how I make my backgrounds? Come back tomorrow for my Tuesday tutorial where I will show you how I make my backgrounds! Well thanks for looking See you tomorrow!               



  1. Rebecca, am I your first blog commenter? How exciting! Thank you for sharing these pages from your wonderful (homemade!) art journal with us. I truly love your colour palate.
    I also like the way you describe yourself blossoming from shyness to happiness. Well done you!
    I've come over from Creative Every Day, so I'm glad you linked up. x

  2. Thank you so so much for the lovely comments! I am now a follower of your blog!

  3. Sweetie I love you pages and you messages. I adore how much you love your wife and furbabies.

    I will pray for you. I understand what the waiting is like and all the things that can't help but plague your mind. Peace, Healing and continued love to you.

  4. What a lovely, new blog! I'm following, now...and I look forward to the page you create when you get further news. You have shared some deeply personal experiences, and I honor and appreciate that. You will find that it's those personal experiences that will bring in readers and comments. We can all relate to the growth process, particularly those of us who are art journalers. Brightest blessings and visualizing very good news!


  5. Hi Rebecca ~

    So many pretty details ~ love all the photos. I'm a fellow journaler from Milliande's FB page. HOORAY!!!! You did it. This is exciting to leave a comment on your very first post ~ I just know you're gonna love blogland. And the more blogs you visit, enjoy and comment on, the better connected you will become to others who share similar interests. So, post away! Can't wait to see what you're up to next :D

    I love that you share so many personal things, too. It makes you real!!! And I will add you to my prayers. XO

  6. Rebecca, we've just connected on Twitter (@CreativARTitude)& I'm on Milliande too.
    I was jazzed to find out that you've just started a blog! My blog is just up today although it may be a while before I can post.
    Wonderful colors on your pages, and I love the honesty & self awareness that you show. Applauding your bravery in being so real!