Monday, November 4, 2013

Long time no see...

Hi friends, how are you? Well October was a really busy month for me, a trip to California and of course lots of Halloween fun! I took a fun class with Tangie Baxter, and when I finish the little journal I will share that with you! Right now I am just working on getting a little painting in each day, it is art every day month and so far I have painted all four days, go me! Even if its just some collage or a background, its something, its a start. Here are some close ups of my pages! Have a great day and see you tomorrow for Glue it Tuesday!


  1. I just love your art journal pages. So full of color and yet white space. I love how you don't feel like you have to do this huge complicated background to start a page. Just love it.

    1. Thanks! 90 percent of all my backgrounds are just left over paint spread on a page! I do love trying new things and using spray inks though too!

  2. love these bright colors....perfect for a dreary day